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Comment by on 2008-11-23 14:46:39
Get balanced, why you are having 1 sided view in 21st century? 
. I am a boiler operator in Nestle' factory in India.  
Let me share, ok you find out: 
- Check water reduction to produce same product in last 5 years. 
- Check energy reduction to produce same product in last 5 years. 
- OK check the CFC phase out & check with other MNCs 
Having no comment from any of Nestle' worker should be enough to review your opinion 
l am lucky to be with Nestle' 

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Last Updated ( Jul 26, 2008 at 01:28 AM )
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Nestlegate: Successful civil lawsuit against NESTLE and SECURITAS

Press release issued by ATTAC Switzerland, 26 January 2013

(English translation provided by ATTAC Switzerland - click here for German version)

ATTAC Switzerland has taken notice with great satisfaction of the civil court's president Jean-Luc Genillard's decision of 25 January 2013 in the case «Nestlegate». The Court has convicted NESTLE and SECURITAS AG of spying activities directed at ATTAC. It has recognized that these parties conducted illegal infiltrations. The claimants have been entitled to a financial compensation, since their personal rights have been violated. NESTLE and SECURITAS AG have been ordered to pay a financial compensation of 3,000 Swiss francs (3,238 US dollars) per claimant (a total of 27,000 Swiss francs = 29,145 US dollars = 18,570 pounds sterling).